Enjoying a favorite Boisset Collection wine, the Buena Vista Chardonnay

I joined the Boisset Collection as an Independent Ambassador a number of years ago when I had the opportunity to meet the innovative founder, Jean-Charles Boisset. As a successful winery owner with a portfolio of 34 historical wineries from both the Old (France) and New (California) World, Boisset is changing the world of wine. Now a Senior Director with Boisset, I lead a team of wine Ambassadors from across the United States helping them share these delicious offerings with customers.

Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset, The Boisset Collection (Photo by Forbes)

The company is on the leading edge in the wine world, offering direct-to-consumer wines available for shipping to 42 states. Boisset Collection offers wine tastings and experiences bringing the tasting room to you, plus elegant wine accessories. The company is unique in what it offers, including:

  • Elegant luxury wines produced from estate vineyards with 28 historical wineries in the direct-to-consumer portfolio. All grapes are grown in France and California. All are historical properties and places you can visit. All properties are owned by the Boisset family.
Exquisite bottles adorned with Jean-Charles Boisset customized jewelry.
(photo by Boisset Collection)
  • A customized wine club with direct to your home or office shipping available on a quarterly basis.
  • A collector’s club of very limited productions wines from Napa Valley, California and French wine regions Once you join the club, you have access to semi-annual allocations.
  • Direct-to-consumer, in-home or virtual, wine tastings and events conducted in private homes and businesses.
  • A monthly schedule of virtual tastings where you can learn about wine in the luxury of your living room while sipping the selections shipped directly to your home.
  • Personalized wine experiences at these historical wineries in Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, California, and in France.
The Caves at Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma, California. (photo by Boisset Collection)
  • Customized wine labels for stocking wines in your home cellar, or gift-giving. Makes for great promotional gifts.
A customized label for Boisset Collection wines.
Raymond Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
  • Gourmet food products including picnic supplies, cheeses, caviar, charcuterie and freshly made pizza are available from the historical grocery, Oakville Grocery in Oakville, California. This landmark grocery also offers specialty food products, kitchen supplies and gourmet gifts. A second location can be found in Healdsburg, California in Sonoma County.
Oakvile Grocery, Oakville, California (photo by Boisset Collection)

Located within Oakville Grocery is the Oakville Wine Merchant , a destination to enjoy more than 50 wines by the glass from Napa’s finest producers in a comfortable lounge setting.  Oakville Wine Merchant features 12 Napa Technology Wine Stations loaded with wines grouped by Napa Valley sub-appellations.

Oakville Wine Merchant (photo by Boisset Collection)

Located adjacent to Oakville Grocery in the nearly 150-year-old Victorian house is home to theĀ 1881 Napa Wine History Museum. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of this museum.

Jean-Charles Boisset in his 1881 Napa Valley Wine History Museum (photo by Wealth)
Oakville Grocery, Oakville, California
More Wine Gifts and Accessories
  • We also offer creative jewelry with Swarovski crystals designed by Jean-Charles Boisset and his twin daughters.
  • Baccarat stemware and decanters, Reidel glassware, wine accessories and home entertaining products.
  • View the online Boisset Gift Gallery, open this link:

To learn about the amazing wines and other products in this portfolio, visit this link:

If you are interested in hosting a wine tasting virtually, or at your home, reach out to me to find a mutually agreeable date. I can be reached at, or 480 236 2118.

These wines are truly “wow-worthy” and I would love to share a few selections with you.

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