“It has been my personal and professional pleasure to have known and worked with Debbie Elder for over a decade. Over that course of years, I have seen and experienced a considerable culinary talent grow and blossom into that of a professional-grade chef. Her ability to multi-task and manage planning, food preparation, plate and serving for anything from the intimate dinner for few, to the multi-plate commercial food and cooking requirements of a restaurant or convention, is truly impressive. This is made even more so through her understanding of the nuances and blending of cuisine ingredients to provide a formidable and truly satisfying dining experience.”

Karl Von Senden, Sommelier, Phoenix, AZ

“My journey with Chef Debbie began over 25 years ago.  I needed to do a dinner party for a very important client. I told her I had already invited him and the guests. She said “But you don’t cook!”  I said “I know, but you do.”  Thus began a long culinary friendship. She fixed this extraordinary dinner and the client said it was truly the best meal that he had ever had!  Needless to say, it sealed the deal for me.  Debbie can create magic in the kitchen. I just stay out of her way!”

Bonnie H., Sacramento, CA

“Debbie baked an amazing Red Velvet Cake for an event that I had recently. She worked with me on the size, presentation, and delivery so that I had nothing to do but taste the yummy results! Many who tasted the cake were taken back to childhood memories, including myself. Debbie is a personal chef who can come to you and not only do meal prep, but food for parties or other events in your home, in addition to baking a multitude of goodies herself!”

Lisa L., Phoenix, AZ

“Debbie kindly accepted my request for my granddaughter. Gabby’s request was a chocolate cheesecake for Thanksgiving. The overall presentation was beautiful with real flower accents. Then the cake was cut, and all I heard was how wonderful it truly was for all my guests. Debbie again exceeded my expectations.”

Linda T., Fountain Hills, AZ

“Debbie Elder delivered a chocolate tart for our Thanksgiving that was a huge hit and everyone wanted a take home slice. Absolutely epicurean.”

Mikki M., Fountain Hills, AZ

We had Debbie prepare a lunch for us for the end of the year gathering for 12 women . . . She did a great job with preparation, and presentation. It was a pleasure working with Debbie who is warm, friendly, and yet very professional.

Kathleen R., Fountain Hills, AZ

Hosted a holiday party for 12 – Debbie was great and food was fantastic!

William H., Paradise Valley, AZ

Debbie did a great job making our party extra special. I highly recommend.

Jo M., Fountain Hills, AZ

Debbie was amazing! The meal she prepared for our party was exceptional! Highly recommended!!!!

Amber C., Kansas City, MO

Debbie was great! Best steak and wine I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to come back to AZ and book dinner with her again. She was incredibly responsive, helped me pick out a great menu and the food was incredible! Highly recommend!

Ashley L., Chicago, IL

Debbie is an all-star!! Her attentiveness and meal ideas are right on point!!!

Carol C., Tempe, AZ

Debbie was highly professional and extremely skilled. She cooked an amazing supper for our bachelorette party and took care of everything from preparation to clean up! We couldn’t have asked for a better night and were very spoiled by her. Thanks Debbie!

Marisa K., Denver, CO

Debbie created two magical dinners for a group of 12 former college roommates celebrating their 40th birthdays. On our first night, she plated a gorgeous steak dinner. The second night, she produced a huge taco bar complete with a variety of handmade salsas, enchiladas and other treats. There was dessert each night and all of it was handcrafted to perfection. We truly loved the service, and for a large and somewhat unruly group, it was great to have a big celebration dinner right in our rental home.

Sheila M., Boston, MA

A talented chef. That provided a fabulous evening. She went above and beyond. If you want an evening of utter deliciousness Debbie is the lady. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Debbie.

Laura K., Chandler, AZ