Personal Chef Services/Menus

Personal Chef Services/Menus

As your personal chef for all occasions, I specialize in providing delicious in-home, made-from-scratch gourmet cooking for small group dinners/lunch/brunch, appetizers or happy hour parties. If you are interested in a wine pairing incorporating a creative charcuterie board or party-platter, or hosting a wine pairing dinner, I’m happy to accommodate you. I also offer speciality desserts, grocery shopping services and creative special culinary event planning services.

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Chicken Lime Tacos

By contracting with me for these tasks , you’ll enjoy more quality time with your family and friends. If you are hosting a special reception or dinner party, I’ll handle the cooking, and you’ll more fully enjoy being a guest at your own party!

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls with Almonds

I’m available to prepare special requests such as homemade cinnamon rolls, desserts or party-platters that you can enjoy at home. Or, if you need a treat to take to a pot-luck or office function, I can help you with those items as well.

Once a menu is selected, I’ll take care of the grocery shopping and bring these items to your home, along with any special tools and equipment needed to prepare the menu. From there, I produce the meals in your home kitchen and serve the menu to you and your guests. Afterward, you’ll find your kitchen clean and spotless.

Roasted Orange Basil Turkey

I’m happy to work with any special diets in preparing dishes that work for specific health needs. My creative approach to cooking incorporates fresh, high-quality ingredients creating made-from-scratch specialty dishes that are full of flavor and taste delicious. I have an array of enticing menus that you and your family will enjoy.

Check out the options here: Dinner Party Menus

Garlic Tenderloin of Beef
Chocolate Pecan Pie
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