Homemade for the Holidays Cookbook, published by Thanksgiving & Co.

In a former position working for a division of a major newspaper publication, I had the opportunity to serve as the manager of the national company’s test kitchen. This was such a fun assignment. Our team created recipes and tested new dishes every week. We remade recipes, became professional grocery shoppers and made all kinds of adaptations to new dishes. The food was styled on pretty plates and platters, that then became assets for video production and photography. At the end of the day’s shoot, our production team got to sample the end results.

As part of our work in preparation of creating a holiday cookbook, we roasted, grilled, and deep fried turkeys week after week from May through October. Once the turkey was cooked, we had to find new ways to use turkey in leftovers. The best of these many recipes were placed in a cookbook, Homemade for the Holidays.

This is a great cookbook for all of the dishes you can think of to prepare for your holiday meals. From appetizers, to desserts, turkeys, sides, salads, and leftovers, plus tips for successful holiday planning, Homemade for the Holidays contains 250 of the best recipes with many gorgeous photographs and step-by-step easy to follow directions.

Copy of a page in the cookbook with my favorite appetizer:
Baked Brie with Blackberry Compote & Pecans
Publisher: Thanksgiving & Co.

The book is no longer being sold by the publisher. However, limited copies are still available for $36, includes shipping to US addresses. Complete this form if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

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